Software solutions.

MV.IMAGING. MABRI.VISION develops the right software for your inspection processes.

Intelligent software for your vision inspection.

Everything at a glance - our software platform MV.IMAGING offers a multitude of visualization options. This enables us to give you the best possible overview of processes and quality assurance in production.

In addition to the basic equipment, we would be happy to advise you and adapt various software modules for you. Whether interface, visualization, user management or database interface - our software experts implement your individual requirements.

High cycle rates require efficient programming, especially for more complex inspection tasks. We use several technologies, in particular various parallelization mechanisms, to ensure an evaluation in time

Machine learning and artificial intelligence are more than just a marketing term at MABRI.VISION. In the design phase, our experts assess whether the use of AI solutions can usefully support the inspection. 


Complete and clear.

Inspection reports and protocols.

We enable you to record all relevant parameters at a glance. These can be arranged as desired by the respective operator and shown or hidden. All data can be exported as structured test reports in .csv, .xls or .pdf format.

2D and 3D graphics.

A picture is worth a thousand words. Thanks to our modern platforms, we have various modules to represent even complex inspection processes. Especially for 3D inspections, we rely on the visual representation of inspection features and results.

Statistics & process indicators.

Benefit from our well-founded know-how in the field of measurement technology and quality assurance.

We enable process support through various key figures and tools such as good parts counters, error and measurement image memories, advance warning limits and batch-related statistics.

Our modern Vision Center software platform MV.IMAGING enables you to implement your requirements without compromise. We create batch reports directly for Excel and take over the visualization and calculation of process indicators.


Basic equipment.

We have a comprehensive repertoire of standard modules that you can adapt and expand according to your requirements. Below you will find a selection of our standards:


In addition to various standard interfaces, we also implement your desired interfaces. We enable our inspections to be seamlessly integrated into your overall process. Interfaces that have already been used include:

Medical technology and special requirements.

In various areas such as medical technology and the semiconductor industry, there are special requirements for software. We have experience in these areas and do not shy away from complicated requirements.


High performance.

Higher data require more computing power. In order to guarantee the necessary calculations in the process cycle even with complex measuring processes, MABRI.VISION relies on modern computer architectures with corresponding parallel algorithms.

This enables us to process the enormous measurement data from our high-speed microscopes and 3D sensors in real time.

Machine learning.



Our MV.IMAGING software framework offers you maximum flexibility. In addition to basic functions such as the recording, evaluation and storage of measurement data, individual software packages are available to you. Features such as user management, databases and data visualization are integrated according to your requirements.

Hybrid approaches

Technology is rapidly approaching the goal of solving complete applications using machine learning processes. We are already relying on hybrid approaches by using classic algorithms and procedures in combination with deep neural networks. In this way, we guarantee secure and effective data processing.

Modern platforms

In addition to state-of-the-art platforms such as TENSORFLOW, CUDA and HALCON, we also use our own technologies if your application requires this. This enables us to guarantee you a flexible and modular application. With our work, we always pursue the goal of always finding the best solution for your application.



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