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Testing solutions for medical technology, pharmaceuticals & diagnostics

Optical quality inspection in medical technology, pharmaceuticals and diagnostics

Health care is a strong growth market and is seen by Germany and Europe as one of the key future technologies. In product development and production scaling, the highest demands are placed on the quality requirements in order to detect common defects such as inclusions, cracks, defects, deformations, assemblies, bridging, burrs and dirt. Our machine vision solutions and test systems are specialized in checking these errors and defects in medical injection molded parts, miniaturized sensors, microfluidic systems, hoses and packaging in the process. In addition to classic test criteria, we rely on AI-supported algorithms to be able to detect anomalies microscopically and macroscopically. Our code reading module makes it possible to quickly read a large number of matrix codes and barcodes in parallel. With our MV.SENSE and INLINE.SECTOR systems, we can non-destructively test layer thicknesses and wall thicknesses of barrier layers and hoses in the process. We build our systems as a stand-alone version or as an integrated solution for your automated production landscape.

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optical test systems for health care applications from MABRI.VISION

End-to-end turnkey solutions

We build turnkey test systems for our customers. From the first concept, through all necessary qualification steps to service, we offer a solution from a single source. Together with our customers, we design efficient test processes that can be seamlessly integrated into your production.

Software and hardware automation

By working with our partners, our team has gained experience in the areas of process and system qualification. Our software offers important modules that are necessary for a qualification.

precision and speed

We carefully design our systems according to the needs of our customers and their testing processes. It is our goal to represent an optimal compromise between precision and speed. For this we rely on parallelization and innovative technologies such as TDI, OCT and AI.

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Dimensional accuracy

AI - Machine Vision

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Optical metrology to optimize your quality inspection


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