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Quality testing of electronic and hybrid components

Electronic components represent key functions in a rapidly growing number of products. The production capacities required for this have the highest quality requirements in order to reliably detect common defects such as broken housings, warping, faulty assemblies, shape defects, burrs and under-injection molding. Our AOI solutions (short for Automatic Optical Inspection) are specialized in reliably detecting these defects in the process and checking the dimensional accuracy. In addition to classic test criteria, we rely on AI-supported algorithms to efficiently detect anomalies in electronic components such as power modules, plugs, connectors and circuit boards. We offer in-process test solutions with high-speed microscopes for testing miniaturized electronic components or wafers. For highly integrated components and hybrid components, we have developed vision systems with 3D scanners in order to be able to detect the smallest defects and shape deviations. Our systems can be operated stand-alone with manual assembly as well as in a line with goods carriers or conveyor technology.

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Test solutions for electronic components

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