Inline measurement technology for silicone hoses

Inline measurement technology for silicone

The inline inspection system INLINE.SECTOR from MABRI.VISION represents the next generation of non-destructive quality control of plastics and silicone hoses. A 360 ° sensor generates cross-sectional data at high speed for the comprehensive inspection of geometric properties of semi-transparent hoses. These include, for example, inside and outside diameter, wall thickness, eccentricity and ovality.


  • Testing of silicone hoses
  • Testing of multilumen tubes


  • Layer thickness
  • 360 ° wall thickness
  • Core offset
  • Shape surface
  • Form inner cavity

Industry sectors

  • Medical technology
  • Pharmaceutical industry
Inline measurement technology for silicone hoses

The INLINE.SECTOR checks hoses for applications with the highest demands directly in your extrusion line. The non-contact measuring method enables, among other things, the testing of wall thickness, shape and misalignment.

Hose testing with the INLINE.SECTOR F1. Frontal view checking the wall thickness.

The inline inspection system from MABRI.VISION enables the wall thickness to be measured from up to 16 directions at the same time. The inspection is carried out simultaneously with your production and is absolutely non-destructive.

Precise testing of the core offset on semitransparent tubes (both colorless and colored) with a diameter of 0.5 mm - 20 mm and a wall thickness of 0.1 mm - 4 mm.

Measurement of inside and outside diameter, minimum and maximum wall thickness, ovality, eccentricity and core offset. Get a complete cross-sectional imaging of single lumen tubes.  

All generated measured values ​​are saved and can be analyzed and exported. The database functionality can be expanded according to your requirements, for example with time history graphs for any process parameters.  

Benefit from a clear interface for visualizing and analyzing the inspections. Interfaces to your systems can be expanded as required (e.g. Profinet, Profibus, digital I / O and analog).


Tube diameter
1 - 20 mm
Wall thicknesses
0.1 - 4 mm
Measurement frequency
up to 150 Hz
0.1 µm
Silicone, PVC, PMMA
Belt speed
400 m / min

Universally applicable


Complete quality control of transparent and semi-transparent tubes in the medical industry.


Uncompromising inline inspection of infusion tubes for defects and geometric properties.


100% inline testing of tubes used for dialysis and blood donation.

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