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Discover the future of automated quality control for complete wheels with VISION.SPECTOR TIRE EOL & DOT. Our testing systems offer flexible application options - perfect for use at the beginning of the assembly line as well as for final end-of-line quality testing. Equipped with the latest machine vision technology, our systems guarantee an accurate inspection of wheel diameter, tire geometry, rim design, valves and match points. Additionally, the capture of DOT and DOM codes enables unparalleled quality assurance in your production. Increase the quality standards and efficiency of your production processes with tailor-made solutions from MABRI.VISION.


Examination from both sides

Double perspective, maximum reliability: Our system allows a comprehensive inspection of both wheel sides without the need for a turning unit. This not only improves the efficiency but also the accuracy of your quality checks and minimizes sources of error.

All-in-one solution for comprehensive quality control

VISION.SPECTOR TIRE EOL & DOT offers a complete testing solution that captures tire diameter, width, rim design, match points and valves, as well as DOT and DOM codes Reduce the need for multiple specialized testing stations with our integrated solution.

Low impact: gentle treatment, maximum precision

The system uses a belt conveyor to transport the wheels through the system; centering the wheels is not necessary. This gentle handling minimizes physical impact on the wheels while ensuring precise and efficient testing.


Rim design

Detection of correct rim design: This test ensures that each wheel is equipped with the specified rim design.

Match point

Detection of the location of colored match points on tires and rims: This function detects the exact positioning of colored match points on rims and tires, which is crucial for the correct assembly and balancing of the wheels.


AI based detection of DOT & DOM on both sides: By using artificial intelligence, DOT/DOM codes on the outside and inside of the tire are precisely identified, ensuring full traceability and compliance.


Tire Symbol Recognition: This test identifies specific symbols and markings on the tire that are important for safety regulations, tire specifications or brand identification.


Detection of valve position and presence of valve cap: This function checks whether the correct valve cap is installed. In addition, the position of the valve is recorded at the same time.


Tire width

115mm - 350mm

Tire outside diameter

500mm - 850mm

Low cross section ratio

20 - 95 %

Directional wheels


Mixed VA/HA tires


All weather


Run flat


Winter tires


Number of variants

Approx. 9999

Number of manufacturers

Approx. 999

Our system software

Efficiency meets precision

The machine vision software of the VISION.SPECTOR TIRE EOL & DOT is a highly developed solution for the automated inspection of wheels and tires. It combines efficiency with accuracy with its ability to identify precise rim designs, match points, as well as DOT and DOM codes. The intuitive user interface on a large screen allows for easy operation and quick adaptation to various testing tasks, while integrated data management improves traceability and quality control. Optimize your production line with software that stands for precision in end-of-line testing.

Wide range of possible uses

From assembly to storage

Whether in wheel assembly, tire and rim production or in the storage and spare parts business - VISION.SPECTOR TIRE EOL & DOT sets new standards in quality control and promotes the production and handling of flawless products.


Wheel assembly

The VISION.SPECTOR TIRE EOL & DOT testing system is an indispensable tool for wheel assembly that optimizes quality assurance through high-precision AI-supported image processing. It enables quick and error-free checking of assembly quality, optimizes the assembly process and increases overall productivity.

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Tire and rim production

Our system sets standards in quality control in tire and rim production. It precisely identifies any deviations and irregularities in material and design, ensures production standards and promotes the delivery of flawless products.

Tire placed on gray floor against shelves in spacious workshop of modern store

Storage & spare parts business

 For the storage and spare parts business, the VISION.SPECTOR TIRE EOL & DOT testing system offers an efficient solution for quality control and sorting of wheels and tires. Their ability to accurately classify products simplifies inventory organization, improves speed of access to spare parts, and minimizes inventory costs. The system represents a key component, particularly for automated logistics concepts.

FAQs about the VISION.SPECTOR TIRE EOL & DOT testing system

All around the testing facility

The VISION.SPECTOR TIRE EOL & DOT specializes in precise identification and verification of rim designs, tire markings, including DOT and DOM codes on both sides, as well as valve position detection and the presence of valve caps, supported by advanced AI-driven Image processing.

Our testing facility integrates state-of-the-art matrix and line cameras for comprehensive inspection, supported by sophisticated sensors specifically configured for tire and wheel testing requirements.

Yes, the testing system is designed to be modular so that additional cameras or sensors can be integrated to expand functionality according to specific customer needs.

Our testing system can be flexibly integrated into existing production environments, with customization options for mechanical and electrical interfaces to ensure seamless integration and communication with other system components.

The testing system supports common industrial interfaces such as Profinet and TCP/IP for easy connection to production control systems and efficient data transmission.

The testing system is designed for a wide range of tire and wheel sizes from the passenger car sector, with the possibility of developing individual solutions for unusual dimensions or specific requirements.

All about software

The system offers extensive software modules for user management, batch tracking, automated test procedures, data management and much more to enable complete customization to your production requirements.

The testing system and its software are highly configurable and allow users to easily and flexibly adapt testing processes and parameters to achieve optimal testing results.

Training & Services

We offer comprehensive training and support for the commissioning, operation and maintenance of the testing system to ensure high efficiency and reliability in operation.

Regular calibrations and systematic quality controls using our software ensure consistently precise test results and reliable quality monitoring.

We offer tailored maintenance and service packages to ensure optimal performance and longevity of the test system, including technical support and regular updates.

In case of technical problems or software problems, our customer service is at your disposal. Depending on the service contract, we offer different response times and availability periods.

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