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Inline measurement of barrier layers

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The MV.SENSE b1i optical inspection system measures the shape and wall thickness of translucent plastic packaging. The inline inspection takes place without contact in the production cycle and thus enables 100 percent inline inspection of packaging material with several layers.

An important field of application is the non-destructive measurement of the thickness of barrier layers, for example made of ethylene vinyl alcohol copolymer (EVOH), in food packaging. The measuring system checks the total layer thickness as well as the thickness of the barrier layer.

The high measuring frequency of up to 200 kHz makes it possible to use it in production machines for 100 percent internal control. MABRI.VISION supplies different systems from punctiform 1D measurements to 3D systems that scan a large measuring field with a measuring rate of up to 200 Hz.

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What do we inspect?

The modular testing platform MV.EYE offers you a testing solution for all process steps in the production of steel and stainless steel tubes

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Thermoformed packaging is used in the pharmaceutical industry - this can be fully tested with the MV.SENSE b1i system.


The MABRI.VISION inspection system can be optimally used to inspect plastic bottles and provides data on shape, wall thickness and quality defects.


Rely on 100% quality control and guarantee high-quality and error-free products by using MABRI.VISION inspection technology.

sample applications

During extrusion blow molding, we check the wall thickness and seam areas at critical points. In this way, defects such as thin spots can be detected at an early stage of the process, which can later lead to cracking.


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Representation of a transition point.
MABRI.VISION MV.SENSE Cleaner Bottle, Packaging, Barrier Layers, Summary, Inline, Shape Check

When stretch blow molding packaging, even material distribution and molding is crucial for its subsequent function. The sensors from MABRI.VISION are used for wall thickness inspections in the manufacturing process.

Packaging, Barrier Layers, Summary, Inline, Shape Checking
MABRI.VISION MV.SENSE Preform, Packaging, Barrier Layers, Summary, Inline, Shape Inspection

The MABRI.VISION sensors are not only suitable for wall thickness inspections, but also for the inspectio of film structures. The signals are recorded with the same optics. This avoids the shadowing effects that occur with classic laser profile sensors.

Packaging, Barrier Layers, Summary, Inline, Shape Checking

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