Inline inspection of surface defects
on metal tubes.


Inline inspection of surface defects on metal pipes.

MABRI.VISION has developed the MV.EYE PI1 optical inspection system for the inspection of defects on metal pipes. By using several optics and a high-speed focus system, defects in the interior of the pipe and on the weld seam, for example, can be detected. The system carries out a comprehensive inspection of the inner and outer bevel as well as the outer and inner surface. The high speed of the inspection process enables continuous inline inspections. 


  • Inspection of metal pipes


  • Internal chip inspection
  • Weld inspection
  • Inside & outside bevel
  • Outer and inner surface

Industry sectors

  • Metal processing
  • power supply
  • Automotive industry

The high-speed focus system developed by MABRI.VISION generates indoor images on different image planes and enables reliable internal chip inspections.

Our inspection system records the exact dimensions of the metal pipe end faces and checks both the inside and the outside bevel for presence, shape and tolerances.

The MABRI.VISION test system MV.EYE PI1 guarantees uncompromising inspections of the outer surface of metal pipes in 360 ° - for optimal further processing.

Our inspection system is specially designed for the inspection of metal pipes through the use of several optics and offers, among other things, a 360 ° inspection of the inner surface.

The optical sensor technology of the MV.EYE PI1 inspection system enables a non-contact inspection of the weld seams for defects and compliance with tolerances.

By using the MABRI.VISION high-speed focus system, the metal pipes are inspected at high speed, which enables them to be integrated into your production processes.


Cycle time
Double cycle 0.6 s
Focus area
0.1 to 1 m
8 to 20 mm
10 cameras of 5 megapixels each
Software Interfaces
ProfiNet, TCP / IP, VNC
PC (Windows); Keyence

Universally applicable


The MABRI.VISION inspection system MV.EYE PI1 is particularly suitable for a comprehensive quality control of pipes in production processes in metalworking.

power supply

Inline-capable 360 ​​° inspection of the outer surface and inner surface of metal pipes with a diameter of 3 - 20 mm and for use in energy supply.


In the automotive industry, the MV.EYE PI1 inspection system is used for internal chip and weld seam inspections. Thanks to the high-speed focus system, the inspection can be integrated smoothly.


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