Machine vision

MV.CHECK. MABRI.VISION develops and builds machine
vision solutions for your production processes.

We build machine vision solutions

We plan and build smart and powerful solutions for quality control within your production taking into account your specific requirements.

In our test laboratory, we can fall back on all common machine vision technologies in order to design cameras, lenses and sensors optimally and coordinated with one another. 

Optimal lighting is crucial for reliable measurement. We therefore rely on both freely available and special solutions.

We use interferometric sensors for industrial use with different functions. For example, for measuring surfaces, distances, layer thicknesses and volumes.

Planning and construction

Inspection procedures - individually adapted.

Our team supports you in the planning and design of inspection processes. Our goal is to make the inspections as robust and efficient as possible. Regardless of whether it is 2D or 3D, in our laboratory we can test the ideal parameters in advance on sample parts.

Optics, electrics & construction - from a single source.

In addition to the optical design, many machine vision applications also have to design and manufacture components. We offer you everything from a single source - from planning and construction to commissioning in your production.

Maintenance and service - fast and competent.

Products, processes and production lines are often subject to changes due to optimization - this is where reliability and competence are required. We would be happy to support you with the maintenance, calibration, adjustment and service of your machine vision system.

process design

Our experts record your requirements and use the collected data to develop a concept for realizing your inspection task.


Following the design, the corresponding optical components are put together, tested and coordinated with one another.


Whether custom lighting or extensive use of LED industrial lighting, our machine vision team will find the best possible solution for your inspection.


Our in-house programming department ensures that installations and start-ups run smoothly on the software side.

Cameras and optics

We use cameras and optics from well-known manufacturers such as Keyence, IDS, Dalsa, Basler, Tamron, Kowa and Opto Engineering. Each of these manufacturers is an expert in its field. You are guaranteed to get the best solution for your quality assurance.

Our optics experts advise you quickly and competently on the optimal design of camera or optics components. Please do not hesitate to contact us.

Large area telecentric vision systems

Do you want to carry out high-precision inspections in a large field of view? Your process is not suitable for a solution with scan axes? We offer telecentric machine vision systems for image fields of up to 240 x 150 mm². With camera systems up to 155MP, the finest details, such as pin bending, can be recognized over a large area.


Image field x max. In mm
2.4 to 240
Field of view y max. In mm
1.8 to 160
Resolution in megapixels
0.3 to 155
Pixel (hxv)
640 x 480 to 16,380 x 9,445
Keyence, GigE Vision, Cameralink, USB 3.0, CoaXPress
PC (Windows); Keyence

Lights: unlimited possibilities

The key to robust image processing is a good lighting design in order to be able to depict the relevant features with as high a contrast as possible. In addition to classic lighting such as background, dome, coax or ring, we also rely on innovative lighting concepts. Structured light or “shape from shading” can be used to highlight special features.


365 (UV); 405 (UV); 465 (blue); 525 (green); 625 (red); 850 (NIR); 940 (NIR); (White)
Background, ring, coaxial, darkfield, dome, line, spot, telecentric, pattern projection
operation mode
Continuous light, pulsed, flash
up to 2600 kLux

Custom-made products: your tailor-made lighting

Are you looking for lighting that is not available on the market? We would be happy to support you in the design and construction of lighting that meets your requirements. We realize one-offs or larger quantities. Thanks to optical simulation, we can determine an optimal lighting setup. Our experts for optics, electrics and construction offer the full spectrum: from circuit board design to final production. For particularly quick solutions, we also produce prototypes using the 3D printing process.

3D triangulation

3D sensors are particularly suitable for reliably recognizing geometric features or form deviations. In order to be able to carry out a two-dimensional inspection, the profile lasers are either combined with a conveyor system or suitable kinematics or robotics. The measuring process is extremely robust against surface or color deviations and is therefore ideal for inspecting metal components, injection molding or food.


Line widths in mm
7 to 830
Working distance in mm
20 to 1,240
Laser wavelength in nm
365, 405 (blue)
Scan rate in Hz
Up to 16,000
Temperature range
0 ° C - 45 ° C
Protection class
Up to IP 67
Keyence, Wenglor, PC
Software Interfaces
GigE Vision, Keyence

3D measurements with a camera:

Time of Flight

Basler 3D cameras measure distances using the time of flight method. Thanks to Sony's DepthSense technology, objects can be recognized based on their distance or shape. Typical applications are in the area of ​​logistics and handling of products.


640 x 480
Field of view
60 ° x 45 °
Measuring range
0m - 10m
<5 mm in 0.3 - 6 m; typical
Frame rates
30 fps
<150 ms
940 nm
22 W
Windows PC, Halcon, MIL, OpenCV
Size (L x W x H)
99.6 mm x 80.6 mm x 67.9 mm
Operating temperature
0 - 50 ° C
Machine vision from MABRI.VISION