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Testing solutions for steel and stainless steel tubes

Testing solutions for the metal and automotive industries


Advantages and special features:

  • Complete solution for demanding applications for the metal tube industry

  • High belt speeds and low cycle times

  • Customized applications, process control

  • Interface to your ERP and production system

  • Flexibly adaptable test recipes, managed in databases

  • Data storage, measurement reports and documentation images


+ testing in the welding process
+ testing in the sawing center
+ testing in the drawing process


+ welding process monitoring
+ welding monitoring cameras
+ scoring inspection
+ surface
+ diameter & wall thickness
+ roundness & quality

What do we inspect?

The modular testing platform MV.BRIX offers you a testing solution for all process steps in the production of steel and stainless steel tubes

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At MABRI.VISION, our ultimate goal is to provide maximum support for your production and process chains. That is why our team of experts is always there for you with technical questions, planning maintenance work or inquiries about function extensions. Our experts will be happy to plan the implementation and feasibility of new inspection processes with you.

welding process monitoring

To monitor and control (TIG) welding processes, MABRI.VISION relies on welding cameras in conjunction with intelligent software (automatic detection of gap position, gap width and welding electrode).

table headers table headers
Cycle time
Focus area
170-175mm (with extension rings)
image area
8.4 x 11.2 mm (with spacers)
HDR camera with 1.3MP
Profinet, TCP/IP, /VNC
Yes, with replaceable filter glass
Windows 10


Advantages and special features:

  • Fulfillment of particularly strict density requirements, e.g. in the chemical industry through micrometer-precise weld seam

  • Superior to classic camera solutions thanks to the latest HDR camera technology

  • More independence through user-friendly software

  • In-house calibration and recipe solutions

  • Deviations of the electrode tip are reported directly

+ automotive
+ chemicals
+ food
+ energy
+ mechanical engineering

Tests in the sawing center

MABRI.VISION has developed the MV.EYE PI1 optical inspection system for the inspection of defects on metal pipes. By using several optics and a high-speed focus system, defects in the interior of the pipe and on the weld seam, for example, can be detected. The system carries out a comprehensive inspection of the inner and outer bevel as well as the outer and inner surface. The high speed of the inspection process enables continuous inline inspections. 

table headers table headers
Cycle time
Double cycle 0.6s
Focus area
0.1 to 1m
8 to 20mm
10 cameras with 5 megapixels each
Software Interfaces
ProfiNet, TCP / IP, VNC


Use in industrial production places a number of demands on the software in test systems. In the MV.EYE i2 WT testing system, MABRI.VISION provides you with a smart software solution that can be adapted to the needs of your component testing thanks to its modular structure. Whether interfaces, visualizations, user management or databases - our team of experts is at your side with individual advice and implementation.

Through numerous projects in different industries, our software is tailored to industrial needs. The software platform offers you a variety of visualization options. In this way, you can keep track of production processes and quality assurance through meaningful evaluations. Even with complex test tasks, the MABRI.VISION software uses efficient programming to enable evaluation in sync with your production.

Intuitive user interface
We offer you a modern and modular user interface. A touch interface with full HD resolution gives us a great overview and space for visualizing the relevant process parameters.

Made for production
We manage the balancing act between industrial software and a modern user experience by combining different platforms and technologies in our framework. This is how we map real-time processes and the familiar Windows environment in one. In this way, we enable you to operate our test systems efficiently and with little training. Features include:

  • Process indicators and visualization of relevant results
  • Complete tracking through results exports and databases
  • Batch management
  • Calibration and evaluation options
  • Integration through all industrial interfaces
  • Extended user management with audit trail

Artificial intelligence
Machine learning and artificial intelligence are more than just marketing terms at MABRI.VISION. In the design phase, our experts evaluate whether the use of AI solutions can meaningfully support the test.

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