Inline layer thickness inspection of plasters.


Inline layer thickness inspection of plasters.

In the MV.EYE LT1 system, the layer structure of transdermal patches is checked using the MV.SENSE tomographic sensor from MABRI.VISION.

The advantage of the system is the speed of the inspection process, which enables the process to take place inline. With speeds of up to 40 mm / s, the presence and exact distribution of the active ingredient as well as shape and layer thickness can be determined.


  • Examination of pavement construction
  • Testing of active ingredients


  • Layer thickness
  • shape
  • Presence
  • volume

Industry sectors

  • Medical technology
  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • Packaging industry

Inline capable.

Inline layer thickness inspection of plasters

The relevant features are checked at speeds of up to 40 mm / s and can therefore be seamlessly integrated into your production line and processes.

Layer thickness.

Abstract representation of the height of a layer to be tested.

The MABRI.VISION inspection system MV.EYE LT1 enables precise and reliable layer thickness testing of plasters made of transparent and semi-transparent materials.

Multi-layer systems.

Our sensors guarantee non-destructive testing even with multi-layer systems. A flying spot method guarantees the rapid determination of the layer thickness distribution.

3D scan.

The MV.EYE LT1 system offers a completely new option for 3D surface measurement of plastics, silicones, glass and other translucent materials. 


Thanks to the optical sensor technology of the MV.EYE LT1 inspection system, all test features are recorded without contact. 

Data analysis.

The software of our MV.EYE LT1 inspection system offers a large number of different analysis tools for quick and uncomplicated feedback to the operator. 


Wall thicknesses
0.02mm - 6mm
0.1 µm
Measurement frequency
up to 120 kHz
Point density
from 10 μm upwards
Scan area
up to (60 x 60) mm²

Universally applicable


Fast layer thickness inspection of plasters for the medical industry or for clinic needs. Use of a 3D scan for precise surface measurements of translucent materials. 


Contactless inspection of microstructural layers on blisters, tablets or active substance plasters. Integration of the inspection process in automated production systems.


High-speed inspection of packaging systems with a large number of inspection features. Even with multi-layer systems, the measurements are absolutely non-destructive. 


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