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Actively develop business areas of green transformation

MABRI.VISION GmbH has had occasional contact with the business areas of green transformation in the past. These are now to be specifically expanded. For this purpose, the two areas of “climate-friendly industry and service provision processes” and “development of new future markets for green transformation” should be analyzed and examined in more detail to determine their profitable and sustainable possibilities.

Climate-friendly industry and service provision processes

Mabri testing systems detect and check quality characteristics in industrial production. For example, 3D shape inspection is a core component in the area of ​​industrial machine vision, in which the shape of a part is measured using 3D scanners or optical methods. This method offers the advantage of being fast and precise and also suitable for complex geometries, which means it plays an important role in the quality control of industrial manufacturing processes. Since the tests are carried out in real time and there is a direct link between the testing system and the production system, the rapid and precise error detection significantly reduces the production of further faulty components.

In many industrial manufacturing processes there is no real-time testing. Through spot checks, errors are detected late and the components produced in the spot check intervals are rejected. Reject production is in turn associated with waste of energy and resources, which can be avoided using modern testing systems. If the scrap has to be recycled at great expense, other avoidable resources are used. It is now important to transform industrial service provision in a climate-friendly way through the increased use of modern testing systems.

Opening up new future markets for green transformation

In addition to the traditional markets, the future markets of “hydrogen economy”, “life science and healthcare industry” as well as “climate-friendly mobility solutions” are particularly facing major challenges. Components and systems with high technological demands must be developed and produced in the shortest possible time.

In order to overcome this challenge, state-of-the-art testing systems must be developed that quickly and precisely check industrial production. Due to the high technological demands, many quality features on a component often have to be checked very quickly because the markets are under great time pressure.

By developing competence in the three areas of image processing, system construction and solutions, MABRI.VISION offers the optimal partnership for the green transformation markets.

Objectives of the project

The project has two goals:

  • The increased use of modern optical inspection systems should reduce waste and the associated use of energy and resources. This contributes to making production climate-friendly.
  • By specifically addressing the green transformation markets, their challenges should be supported. The provision of new, technologically sophisticated products in large quantities under high time pressure requires modern optical testing systems in industrial production with which these challenges can possibly be overcome in the first place.