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Test solutions for semi-transparent plastics

With the help of OCT sensors, we are able to check wall thicknesses and barrier layers on foils and structured surfaces such as Fresnel lenses and lab-on-a-chips. Our sensors can be used offline as well as inline, for example in the production of endless products such as hoses.

An important field of application is the non-destructive measurement of the thickness of layer systems, for example made of ethylene-vinyl alcohol copolymer (EVOH), in food packaging. The measuring system checks the total layer thickness as well as the thickness of the barrier layer.

The high measuring frequency of up to 200 kHz makes it possible to use it in production machines for 100 percent inline control. MABRI.VISION supplies different systems from punctiform 1D measurements to 3D systems that scan a large measuring field with a measuring rate of up to 200 Hz.

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wall thicknesses and layers

Silicone hose wall thickness

  • Inline inspection after extrusion
  • wall thickness, core offset, diameter
  • non-contact test
wall thicknesses and layers

Lab on a chip structures

  • Cross-sectional images of fluidic structures
  • Foil and adhesive layer thicknesses
wall thicknesses and layers

Tissue tissue for testing

  • Layer thickness testing of biological tissue
  • Testing of skin test systems
  • QC from Tissue Engineering
wall thicknesses and layers

Structured surfaces

  • Wall thickness testing of structured foils and components
  • form check
  • Testing of multilayers
Wall Thickness and Layers, Packaging, Barrier Layers, Summary, Inline, Shape Checking

Wall thickness progression of extrusion blow moulds

  • Inspection of seam areas and critical points
  • Thin spot detection
wall thicknesses and layers

seal inspection

  • Examination of the layer structure
  • Detection of delamination


wall thicknesses and layers

barrier layers packaging

  • Testing of transitions such as seams or predetermined breaking points
  • Use with transparent and semi-transparent plastics
wall thicknesses and layers

Barrier layers of blood tubules

  • Testing of EVOH and other barrier layers
  • Check for defects such as inclusions or cracks
wall thicknesses and layers

Drug Delivery Layers

  • Inline testing of drug layers
  • contactless and non-invasive
  • Detection of the layer thickness distribution


wall thicknesses and layers

thin coatings

  • Functional coatings of blood glucose tests
  • Inline inspection of thin layers
wall thicknesses and layers

Protective layer of decorative foils

  • Inline check layer thickness
  • Non-contact testing