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Quality testing of miniaturized components

The miniaturization of micro-components, sensors, actuators and sensor systems, micro-pumps and injection molded components enables the manufacture of highly integrated products in the smallest of spaces. The quality requirements result in the highest demands on high-tech production processes in order to reliably detect common errors such as anomalies, defects, deformations, assemblies, bridging, cracks and burrs. Our machine vision solutions and test systems specialize in testing miniaturized components and quickly detecting errors and defects. We rely on the latest optical technologies in order to be able to map an optimal compromise between speed, resolution and efficiency. Our software platform is optimized for extreme data throughput and also enables several million features to be checked in the process. In addition to classic test criteria, we rely on AI-supported algorithms to reliably detect anomalies in sensors, microfluidic systems, wafers and other miniaturized components. With our OCT-based systems, we can also generate optical cross-sectional images in order to record layer thicknesses. Our systems can be operated standalone and inline in an automated production landscape.

End-to-end turnkey solutions

We build turnkey test systems for our customers. From the first concept, through all necessary qualification steps to service, we offer a solution from a single source. Together with our customers, we design efficient test processes that can be seamlessly integrated into your production.

Software and hardware automation

Smart automation solutions are particularly in demand in the microtechnology segment. When it comes to data acquisition, evaluation, display and storage, we rely on our own data pipelines that are optimized for maximum data rates. In this way, even extreme numbers of test characteristics can be reliably recorded.

precision and speed

We carefully design our systems according to the needs of our customers and their testing processes. It is our goal to represent an optimal compromise between precision and speed. For this we rely on parallelization and innovative technologies such as TDI, OCT and AI. In this way, we can quickly check macroscopic surfaces under the microscope.

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Test solutions for miniaturized components

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Industrial OCT sensors

We provide you with industrial OCT sensors for the quality inspection of your production goods with our MV.SENSE inspection system.

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