Defect inspection on metal surfaces.


Defect inspection on metal surfaces.

When inspecting metal surfaces, MABRI.VISION relies on the powerful detection functions of the Lumitrax vision platform with an integrated line camera.

The MV.EYE MS1 inspection system enables the fully automatic detection of the smallest quirks, dents and scratches in the process. Thanks to innovative lighting technology and the combination with a linear axis, surfaces can be scanned at top speed and surface defects can be reliably detected.


  • Defect detection on metal strips 
  • Surface defects on functional surfaces


  • Scratch
  • Bumps 
  • Dents 
  • Impurities 

Industry sectors

  • Metal processing
  • power supply
  • Automotive industry

Scoring and scratches.

In the case of functional surfaces and sealing surfaces in particular, grooves and scratches are frequently occurring defects. With the MABRI.VISION inspection system MV.EYE MS1, scratches and grooves in the micrometer range are reliably detected.

Dents and quirks.

Avoiding dents and quirks is a challenge in the production of rolled-up tapes. MABRI.VISION technology even detects dents and quirks that can otherwise only be detected with a white light microscope.

Foreign particles.

The combination of high-performance cameras and special lighting enables the smallest foreign particles to be detected reliably and with great precision. The technology enables large-area inspections in the process cycle.

linear scanning unit.

Do your products require a static surface inspection? As a solution, MABRI.VISION offers the combination of the MV.EYE MS1 inspection system with a linear scanning unit. 

Process integration.

The combination with an encoder enables you to inspect the surface of components in the process. The MV.EYE MS1 inspection system detects defects from continuous movement and with the highest precision.


Thanks to the innovative lighting technology based on rapid light modulation, the inspection method reaches extreme speeds. Improve your cycle times with high-speed automatic checks.


Universally applicable

Metal processing

The MABRI.VISION inspection system is ideal for the inspection of metal surfaces at top speed and for detecting defects in the micrometer range. 


The MV.EYE MS1 inspection system is used in the automotive industry due to its fast measuring cycle and uncompromising integration into existing production processes. 


Thanks to the use of innovative lighting technology and the combination with a linear axis, large-area inspections can also be carried out with high precision. 



Type of inspected itemMetal surfaces
Dimensions of the inspected item up to 500 mm with one camera
materials Metal e.g. steel, aluminum
InspectionsScratches, grooves, dents, foreign particles


Software InterfacesProfiNet, EtherNet
Operating system Keyence, Windows optional
SoftwareMV.IMAGING, Keyence


Line scan camera pixels2048; 4096; 8192
Measuring rateup to 142,800 lines per second
Illumination width (mm)120,2; 324; 526
Field width up to 500 mm with one camera
Supply24V; 240W

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