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High-precision inspection of injection molded components

MABRI.VISION builds and develops high-quality machine vision solutions and modular inspection systems for your production processes. In the production of injection molded components, errors often occur that lead to defective components. Our modular inspection systems for plastic and injection molded parts reliably detect defective components and sort them out.

What do we inspect?

Injection molding defect
MABRI.VISION injection molding Short shot, short fill

Incompletely filled molding

We use 2D and 3D inspections to determine the completeness of molded parts in critical areas, such as thin areas or points remote from the sprue. We offer inline-capable inspection solutions even for the smallest structures on precision molded parts.

MABRI.VISION sink marks

Sink marks

Sink marks and demolding problems can negatively affect the appearance and function of molded parts. With high-precision surface inspection methods, our inspection systems detect the smallest form deviations in the process. 

MABRI.VISION ridge webbing test


Depending on the process, burrs and webbing can occur during molding processes. In the case of multi-component processes in particular, these effects can interfere with the function. With our inspection systems, we record critical contours and can thus identify burr formation in the process at an early stage.

Form and dimensional accuracy
MABRI.VISION-Medical Plastic

Shape inspection, dimensional accuracy

MABRI.VISION offers solutions for 100% inline component measurement of complex molded parts. In particular, components with pins for electronic contacting must be inspected for dimensional accuracy for automated assembly processes in terms of shape and position.

MABRI.VISION structure test lab on a chip

Structure sizes

Even if the shapes are subject to little variance in injection molding processes, even the smallest changes can have a major effect on the function. With our inspection systems, we record structural parameters, such as channel widths for in-vitro diagnostics, in order to minimize variances in flow properties and volume.

MABRI.VISION injection molding inspection for defects


A large number of factors, such as inclusions, diesel effect, dark points, weld lines and streaks, can have a direct influence on the functional elements of the molded parts. Depending on the inspection task, we record the surfaces and evaluate the data with classic and AI-based vision tools in order to detect the smallest defects.

Testing of injection molded components with a line section sensor

3D shape

If the dimensional accuracy of forms, functional surfaces or contact points in 3D space has to be checked, MABRI.VISION offers inspection systems with high-precision profile section sensors. Thanks to the short-wave blue laser, the measuring process achieves repeatability of up to 0.3 µm. Almost any material and surface texture can be inspected in this way.

MABRI.VISION silicone and injection molding test


Silicone has many applications in medical technology due to its material properties: highly flexible, long service life and biologically well-tolerated. This poses many challenges for manufacturing technology. With our computer vision system we check silicone components for micro defects, shape and inclusions.

Cavity number, 2D code, data matrix
MABRI.VISION-Data Matrix Medical

2D code, data matrix

A large number of 2D codes, e.g. Capturing data matrix codes at different working distances can be challenging for classic readers. MABRI.VISION has developed a platform for 2D codes (QR code, data matrix code) that is optimized for throughput and reading rate.  

MABRI.VISION cavity number Machine Vision

Cavity number

If downstream production processes or product quality are dependent on the cavity, the cavity number must be recorded at crucial points. MABRI.VISION offers vision solutions that can reliably record the cavity number through smart lighting concepts and deep learning.

Our solutions for the inspection of injection molded components

MABRI.VISION has specialized in the development and implementation of complete vision solutions for use in production and research. Whether 100% inspections directly on the goods carrier system or in the clean room: by combining different high-performance optics, we meet your individual inspection requirements.

Preview Mabri.Vision MV.EYE i2 view

Inspection on the goods carrier system

Combination of 2D and 3D inspections for a comprehensive 100% inline component measurement on the goods carrier.


Inline high-speed microscopy

Our high-speed microscopy platform enables the smallest injection-molded structures to be inspected in the process cycle.

MABRI.VISION-Computer Vision 2D-3D injection molding

Computer vision 2D / 3D

Are you looking for a solution that should be integrated into your process? We offer a wide range of vision solutions.

MABRI.VISION Multimodal 2D-3D inspection

Testing on the rotary clock

Our rotary clock inspection system enables a large number of inspections in the smallest of spaces, with manual or automatic assembly. 

Applications and implementations for injection molded parts

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Microstructures in vitro diagnostics

On injection-molded components for in-vitro diagnostics (digital PCR), we use our high-speed microscope to inspect duct closures, duct structures, patency, filling points, defects, particle entry and evenness at up to 1 million inspection points per component.

MABRI.VISION testing of contacts and plug connections

Plug connections and contacts

In the process (high speed) we inspect connector housings for possible defects with telecentric matrix cameras. Furthermore, we record the presence, wobble and the position of contacts in time. For products with variants, we inspect the coding and locking devices.

MABRI.VISION-3D component testing medical technology

3D component testing | Medical technology

With high-precision profile section sensors, we record the 3D shape of medical components in the process and check for micro-defects and the smallest form deviations.

MABRI.VISION microdefect inspection silicone

Micro defects in silicone sealing rings

The sealing properties of silicone rings can be impaired by defects and process-related errors such as burr formation. With a combination of 3D profile cutting and camera technology, we check silicone rings for micro-defects and dimensional accuracy in the process.

MABRI.VISION cavity number Machine Vision

Registration of cavity numbers

Due to the tool or the material, the cavity numbers can be very weak and therefore difficult to read. With optimized lighting and AI, our vision system reliably reads the number of cavities in the process, even with the slightest contrast differences.


MABRI.VISION builds and develops high-quality machine vision solutions and modular inspection systems for your production processes. Our modular system enables us to provide solutions for your inspection tasks quickly and efficiently.

Innovative solutions - our passion!

Innovative solutions - our passion!

Innovation is the foundation for continuous growth in modern industry. At MABRI.VISION we live this anew every day. The focus is always on the benefits and requirements of our customers. We are passionate about implementing inspection processes that range from AI-based computer vision solutions to 100% inline component measurement for sophisticated products. We use the latest generations of the most advanced technologies for our measurement technology. With this philosophy we want to make production processes more efficient and dynamic.

AI, processing, control - one software platform

AI, processing, control - one software platform

With the goals of Industry 4.0 and a continuous improvement process, the demands on inspection automation, interfaces and efficient evaluation algorithms are increasing. We at MABRI.VISION have recognized this trend and are going one step further. Our software team develops modular software platforms that combine all the components of modern inspection systems. If necessary, we can expand evaluation algorithms with neural networks, map fast interfaces to system controls and integrate audit trails, batch reports, progress graphs or databases as required.

A strong team, always there for you.

A strong team, always there for you.

As our customer, you are always at the forefront. Our team of experts in vision, construction, software development, electrics, assembly and support is always there for you. With modern company processes and IT solutions, speed is a key goal. With our service solutions through to 24/7 support, we support your production with efficient solutions.

End-to-end solutions, everything from a single source.

End-to-end solutions, everything from a single source.

You think in terms of processes, we think in terms of solutions: that's why we offer our customers turnkey inspection systems that can be seamlessly integrated into your production processes. Our experts advise on planning and design at the beginning of a project. If technologies need to be evaluated, we carry out feasibility studies and inline tests. At MABRI.VISION we offer system construction, programming and automation from a single source. We can optimize complex evaluations and inspections directly with the system control and all customer interfaces.

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