Rotary index inspection systems.

Rotary index inspection systems.

Our rotary clocks are characterized by the combination of different technologies. Typical stations are a camera inspection, a shadow cast inspection using an optical micrometer and surface measurement using a triangulation sensor.

The multimodality enables use in various areas and is particularly popular where lean and efficient production processes are required.

The application possibilities are broad: from the connector and circuit board inspection to the inspection of complex injection molded parts and plastic-metal assemblies, MABRI.VISION offers complete solutions tailored to your production in an inline-capable system.

Representation of a MABRI.VISION rotary indexing system

Our rotary inspection systems are based on a solid granite structure in order to deliver reliable and repeatable inspection results even in a demanding production environment.

The number and characteristics of the inspection stations can be flexibly adapted to the requirements of your production and inspection features.

MABRI.VISION-MV.EYE-i2 lifting door

There are hardly any limits to the variety of parts to be inspected. The equipment takes place via a lifting door and can be switched on manually or automatically.

Our software offers an extended batch management. A recipe database enables products to be changed quickly without having to reset parameters. A results database forms the basis for continuous product improvement.

Representation of a screen which shows the MABRI.VISION software MV.IMAGING. Specifically, the 2D results of a 2D measurement are shown.

For example, the presence of the features, their exact position or wobble circles can be determined using 2D measurements. Furthermore, defects such as discoloration or scratches can already be recognized at this point. The advantages are the speed and productivity of the inspection step.

Representation of a screen which shows the MABRI.VISION software MV.IMAGING. Specifically, the 3D results of a 3D measurement are shown.

We use triangulation sensors to measure the surface of a component. A 3D profile measurement is carried out by two light section sensors. Here, height information and dimensional accuracy can be determined in the lower micrometer range.


Field of view
up to (240x150) mm²
Scan modes
1, 2 or 3D measurements
Clock rate
from 2 s | depending on test characteristics
Inspected features
up to 200 per cycle
power supply
230 V
from 550 kg
Software and interfaces
Software Interfaces
ProfiNet, Ethernet
24 inch monitor, touch
Functions and modules
Recipes, database, user management
System (depending on the version)
Dimensions system (W x D x H)
(800 x 1,200 x 2,360) mm³
550 kg
Rated capacity
2.4 kW

Universally applicable


Achieve accuracies in the micrometer range with the robust MABRI.VISION inspection system MV.EYE - regardless of whether you are inspecting connectors or circuit boards.


Thanks to the modular structure, the MABRI.VISION rotary indexers are ideal for inspecting complex components in the automotive industry. Check in time with production.


Rely on comprehensive inline quality control of components and products in the medical industry and benefit from a scalable inspection system.


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