Label inspection on packaging

Label inspection on packaging

Robust and reliable recognition methods for 2D codes and labels on packages and packaging are critical components of a modern logistics environment.
With the help of our adaptable reading bridges, we realize exactly this requirement. Thanks to the flexibility of the platform concept, in addition to the 2D code and OCR evaluation, it is possible to determine special features such as printed image errors or damage to the packaging in one work step when 3D sensors are added. The test system works completely cycle time-neutral and can be integrated into almost any existing production or dispatch system due to its scalability.


Cycle time-neutral inspection

The MABRI.VISION system enables you to inspect your inspection items inline and in time with production. You benefit from fast inspection cycles and an integrated system.

high throughput

Integrate the system smoothly into your existing production line. Thanks to the high-speed tests, you will achieve high throughput.

robust against environmental influences

MABRI.VISION builds inspection systems that are suitable for industrial use due to their particularly robust inspections.

versatile & flexible

We realize modular vision solutions that are adapted to your requirements. We are also happy to develop customized lighting systems.

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