Inspection of packing assemblies

Inspection of packing assemblies

In the production of packaged food, a presence check is often required at the end of a production line. In the production of chocolates, for example, the completeness of the contents of a box is checked in a final step. A MABRI.VISION inspection system not only determines the presence of all required components, but also recognizes the shape, dimensional accuracy and position through the use of 3D profile lasers. The sensor process, which is robust in relation to surface structures, delivers highly precise results, regardless of the color and structure of the inspection objects.


Cycle time-neutral testing

The inspection system checks in your production cycle. Nothing stands in the way of expanding an existing system with a vision system.

High throughput

Due to the parallel data acquisition and processing, the system guarantees high throughputs in day-to-day production.

Counting & characteristics

In addition to the face-to-face examination, further examination modules can be implemented. This includes, among other things, the recognition of quality features of your products.

Versatile & flexible

Thanks to the flexible use of 2D and 3D sensors, even complex inspection tasks can be implemented without any problems. 

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