we automate quality testing

MABRI.VISION is a leading provider of optical inspection systems and machine vision solutions, specializing in the construction of special machines and the automation of QC processes in various industries. We offer our customers individual complete solutions that can be integrated into process chains in production and thus contribute to greater efficiency and quality.

Our goal is to offer our customers innovative and reliable solutions that optimize and automate their processes. We work closely with our customers to understand their requirements and develop customized solutions that meet their needs.

When it comes to plant construction, we rely on our modular platforms, regardless of whether you are looking for a test process with goods carriers, rotary indexers, conveyor technology, robotics or testing of strip goods and extruded products. We will definitely find a suitable solution.

Optical metrology to optimize your quality inspection
Efficient machine vision inspection for your quality inspection. Solution, testing, image processing, Mabri Vision, tires, reading bridge, DOT-TIN codes, testing, specifications, testing facility
Machine vision inspection systems


The best of both worlds

Over the years we have expanded our expertise in the field of machine vision with the topic of automation in order to be able to offer our customers suitable solutions. We combine our know-how from the fields of measurement technology and automation in order to optimally integrate machine vision technologies into our customers' production environment.

  • position, check, sort
  • Conveyor technology, axes and robots
  • Systems with several test stations


We automate quality testing

Our goal is to offer our customers tailor-made solutions. To do this, we use our modular system of hardware and software modules, which enables us to respond to the special requirements of our customers.

  • Special machine construction of test systems
  • Modular system for software and hardware
  • suitable solutions for your production


We automate quality testing

Our goal: Automate QC processes in your production. That's why we offer our customers complete solutions that come from a single source, from planning through construction to commissioning. Our experts will be happy to support you from design to scaling in other plants.

  • Turnkey plants
  • Planning, construction, commissioning from a single source
  • End-to-end solutions with one partner


Cost reduction through reliable QC

Preventing complaints, increasing customer satisfaction, improving safety

Improved scalability

Labor is scarce, plants can be easily scaled

Improved flexibility

Automated test processes can react quickly to changes in production

reduction of errors

Automated review processes can help reduce manual errors

increase in efficiency

Automated inspection processes can work faster and more precisely than humans

Increased productivity

Automated inspection processes can work around the clock, increasing productivity


High quality and reliable systems

Our goal is to build innovative and high-quality systems for our customers.

The best of both worlds

Automation and metrological know-how: feeding, checking, sorting

The "all-round carefree package"

Planning / consulting, service, continuous improvement

"Hello - I have a problem"

On request, systems can be connected to our Service Cloud and can report faults directly

Successful in the market

many well-known companies trust in our technologies and test systems

Customized solutions

Together with our customers, we plan test systems and processes based on our modular platforms


sample applications

QC solutions

Our MICRO.SPECTOR is designed for direct integration into your production chain. From barcode tracking, change log, audit trail and user management to direct connection to your control level, we offer all the tools you need to make your QC more efficient and reliable.

Automatic loading

In addition to the possibility of manual loading, for example for rotary indexing systems, MABRI.VISION offers the necessary automation technology and loading systems to automatically map even complex test processes in the production cycle. This includes robot systems and individual solutions.

Machine vision inspection systems

Solutions with goods carrier system

Inspections on the goods carrier can be implemented easily and modularly thanks to the controlled handling of the inspected items. For flexible integration into existing processes, MABRI.VISION offers systems with and without goods carrier systems.


With every new request, our vision experts evaluate which technologies are particularly suitable for the test. We mainly use matrix and line scan cameras as well as 3D triangulation sensors. If other optical technologies are more suitable for testing, we are also happy to use TDI cameras, chromatic confocal sensors or interferometric sensors.

No - our specialization is the construction of test systems. With our automation solutions, we implement the feeding and, after testing, the sorting of products and components.

Over the years we have built up extensive know-how in the field of optical measurement technology. Our experts will be happy to advise you on the design of test processes. If it is not certain whether a test can be implemented, we are also happy to carry out feasibility studies.

Of course, this depends on the type, size and complexity of the optical inspection system. In direct comparison with our competitors, we very often have shorter delivery times and can react more quickly.