Inline 3D shape inspection of baked goods.


Inline 3D shape inspection of baked goods.

The MABRI.VISION inspection system for 3D shape inspection enables a comprehensive inspection of the length, width and height of baked goods. The use of 3D profile lasers generates high-resolution 3D information on the inspected objects.

The inspection can be integrated into your production process at up to 40,000 units / hour. The number of 3D profile sensors used is adapted to the requirements of your production: this way, a complete inspection can be ensured even on wide conveyor belts.


  • Inspection of baked goods


  • shape
  • height
  • Presence
  • amount

Industry sectors

  • Foods
Abstract representation of baked goods (donuts) arranged in countable rows. Inline, 3D, shape checking, baked goods, shape, length

Maintain an overview of your production by precisely recording all units produced and identify potential for optimization.

Abstract representation of a donut. There are arrows on the sides, which show the scalability of the length and width of the baked goods. Inline, 3D, shape inspection, baked goods, shape, length

In addition to the exact lengths and widths of baked goods, our inspection system also records the core misalignment and checks whether deviations are within the tolerance range.

Inline, 3D, Shape Checking, Baked Goods, Shape, Length

The height of the inspected objects is recorded by a 3D profile laser. In this way it can be checked whether the baked goods have risen evenly and meet the specified dimensions.

Abstract representation of baked goods (donuts) in different colors and with different surface structures. Inline, 3D, Shape Checking, Baked Goods, Shape, Length

Our system enables the inspection of diverse variations of baked products. The sensor process, which is robust in relation to surface structures, delivers highly precise results, regardless of the color and structure of the inspected objects.

Inline, 3D, Shape Checking, Baked Goods, Shape, Length

Thanks to the optical sensor technology of our inspection system, any shape and test features can be recognized. Inspect a wide range of pastries, from bagels and croissants to various types of rolls.

Inline, 3D, Shape Checking, Baked Goods, Shape, Length

For fast inline inspections, we rely on the use of 3D profile lasers, which provide 3D information about the inspected objects and enable non-contact and uncompromising quality control.



Type of inspected items Bakery products
speed up to 40,000 units / hour
InspectionsLength, width, height, volume, shape
Working distance980 ± 400 mm
Line width300 - 720 mm
Repeatability z-axis10 µm
Repeatability of the x-axis25 µm
Light source405 nm (blue), laser


Dimensions (W x D x H)(530 x 1,750 x 2,360) mm³
Weight350 kg
Rated capacity1.9 kW


Software InterfacesProfiNet, EtherNet, digital I / O
Display24 inch monitor, touch
Operating system Windows, Keyence
SoftwareMV.IMAGING, Keyence

Universally applicable


Use the MABRI.VISION inspection system in the production of baked goods and record the shape, color and structure of the products - whether bagels, croissants or rolls.


The inline-capable inspection system MV.EYE BI1 can be optimally used for inspecting confectionery, pralines or fruit gums. Get reliable data on quantities and shapes. 


Ensure a complete inspection of fresh food, regardless of color or structure. A 3D profile laser enables top speeds.