Reading bridge for QR codes and data matrix codes on tires


Reading bridge for QR codes and data matrix codes on tires

The MV.EYE K1 reading bridge from MABRI.VISION was developed for the rapid detection and reading of 2D codes on tires. Molded or lasered codes such as data matrix and QR codes are read without stopping during the conveyance with a best-in-class reading rate of> 99.8%. The area of ​​application is in the production, assembly and storage of car and truck tires.

MABRI.VISION reading bridges


  • Reading QR and DataMatrix codes on tires
  • Evaluation of the code quality

Fields of application

  • Tire fitting
  • Tire production
  • Tire storage

Industry sectors

  • Automotive
  • E-mobility

easy integration

MABRI.VISION reading bridges

The reading bridge can be easily integrated into existing production processes. The integration takes place via standard interfaces.

always sharp

The MABRI.VISION inspection system MV.EYE K1 is equipped with a high-speed focus system that guarantees high reading rates for different tire widths.

high speed camera

The high-speed camera system enables the 2D codes to be read and evaluated at conveyor speeds of up to 1 m / s.

scalable structure

Scalable MABRI.VISION reading bridge

The reading bridge can be adapted to the size of your application. The integration takes place via standard interfaces.

smart interface

Benefit from a large display for visualizing and analyzing the inspections. Interfaces to your systems can be expanded as required (Profinet, Profibus, digital I / O).


All inspected codes as well as code quality and reading rates can be recorded in databases. 


Code types
QR and data matrix codes
Rim diameter
Rim width
Tire diameter
500mm - 900mm
Tire width
115mm - 375mm
450 kg

Universally applicable


Registration of car and truck tires using QR codes and data matrix codes. The codes are read from the movement with a high-speed focus system.


Reliable detection of 2D codes in production, logistics and further processing. The structure of the inspection system is scalable and can be adapted to your production requirements. 

Dealers & workshops

Complete traceability of an entire tire life. Tracking from production to disposal. Benefit from an intuitive interface.

Information material.


MABRI.VISION builds and develops high-quality machine vision solutions and modular inspection systems for your production processes. Our modular system enables us to provide solutions for your inspection tasks quickly and efficiently.

Innovative solutions - our passion!

Innovative solutions - our passion!

Innovation is the foundation for continuous growth in modern industry. At MABRI.VISION we live this anew every day. The focus is always on the benefits and requirements of our customers. We are passionate about implementing inspection processes that range from AI-based computer vision solutions to 100% inline component measurement for sophisticated products. We use the latest generations of the most advanced technologies for our measurement technology. With this philosophy we want to make production processes more efficient and dynamic.

AI, processing, control - one software platform

AI, processing, control - one software platform

With the goals of Industry 4.0 and a continuous improvement process, the demands on inspection automation, interfaces and efficient evaluation algorithms are increasing. We at MABRI.VISION have recognized this trend and are going one step further. Our software team develops modular software platforms that combine all the components of modern inspection systems. If necessary, we can expand evaluation algorithms with neural networks, map fast interfaces to system controls and integrate audit trails, batch reports, progress graphs or databases as required.

A strong team, always there for you.

A strong team, always there for you.

As our customer, you are always at the forefront. Our team of experts in vision, construction, software development, electrics, assembly and support is always there for you. With modern company processes and IT solutions, speed is a key goal. With our service solutions through to 24/7 support, we support your production with efficient solutions.

End-to-end solutions, everything from a single source.

End-to-end solutions, everything from a single source.

You think in terms of processes, we think in terms of solutions: that's why we offer our customers turnkey inspection systems that can be seamlessly integrated into your production processes. Our experts advise on planning and design at the beginning of a project. If technologies need to be evaluated, we carry out feasibility studies and inline tests. At MABRI.VISION we offer system construction, programming and automation from a single source. We can optimize complex evaluations and inspections directly with the system control and all customer interfaces.


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