Inspection of the shape and defects of castings.


Inspection of the shape and defects of castings.

MABRI.VISION builds optical inspection systems for the shape inspection of cast parts as well as the detection of surface pores and cavities. Pores and cavities on functional surfaces lead to malfunction of components. These defects can be detected at an early stage through a reliable inline control.

The MV.EYE PL1 inspection system is equipped with robot-guided machine vision cameras, which enable efficient and precise detection of the shape as well as the reliable detection of surface defects. The inspection system can be integrated into the production line or loaded manually.


  • Inspection of castings


  • Defects
  • shape
  • Presence
  • volume

Industry sectors

  • Automotive
  • Metal processing
  • Lightweight construction
Surface inspection on cast parts

The MV.EYE PL1 system enables the detection of surface pores and cavities on functional surfaces, which can occur in the aluminum die casting process.

Shape inspection of cast parts

Rely on the MABRI.VISION inspection system for a comprehensive form inspection of your components. Benefit from optimization through stored and analyzed data.

Testing of quirks & defects on cast parts

Our MV.EYE PL1 inspection system ensures quick and reliable detection of quirks, grooves, scratches and dents on functional and cast surfaces.

Robot-guided sensor technology: robot gripper arm integrated into the test system, robot-guided measurement technology, sensor technology, test centers, testing, components, test part

Robot-guided sensors enable the components to be checked from different perspectives. The use of gripper arms enables damaged components to be sorted out immediately.

Thanks to the use of special optics, even areas that are difficult to access can be checked with the MV.EYE PL1 inspection system. Internal surface pores are recorded in 360 °.

The relevant features are checked during the production cycle and can therefore be seamlessly integrated into your production line. Our MV.EYE PL1 system offers all common industrial interfaces.



Camera resolution 2MP, 5MP & 21 MP
Field of viewUp to 5104 x 4092 pixels
Smallest defect size(0.1 x 0.1) mm²
lightingLED in white, blue & red


Software InterfacesProfiNet, EtherNet
Display22 inch monitor
SoftwareMV.IMAGING, Keyence XG-X
Functions and modulesRecipes, databases, user management


Dimensions (W x D x H)(1.90 x 1.30 x 2.00) m³
Weight500 kg
Rated capacity2.1 kW

Universally applicable

Metal processing

The MABRI.VISION inspection system is ideal for the inspection of cast parts at top speed and for detecting surface pores, quirks and defects. 

Lightweight construction

Benefit from an inline-capable inspection of shapes, tolerances and defects in lightweight construction. Even areas that are difficult to access are recorded in the shortest possible time and with high precision.


The MV.EYE PL1 inspection system is used in the automotive industry due to its fast measurement cycle and smooth integration into automated production processes. 

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