Flexible rotary index tester.

Testing of complex injection molded parts for suppliers of electromobility


The variety of components to be tested in the automotive industry ranges from connectors and circuit boards to complex injection-molded parts and plastic-metal composites. The test process of a component with almost 70 test features can take up to four minutes with a conventional measuring device. An inline-capable system with an average measuring cycle of three seconds is required for continuous testing.


  • Comprehensive quality control of injection molded parts and plastic-metal composites in the automotive industry.


  • Automated testing system
  • Inline vision solution
  • Testing of complex components 
  • Testing in time with production
  • Detection of surface defects 
  • Detection of contamination


  • Image processing
  • Quality assurance 
  • Automotive industry


  • OCT
  • Optical micrometer
  • Light section sensors
  • microscopy
  • TensorFlow
  • Halcon
  • Barcode reader


  • Rotary table 
  • Multimodal test system 
  • 3D inspection with light section sensors 
  • Precise height measurement with an optical micrometer
  • Testing of up to 200 features in a cycle  
  • Interface for visualizing the test

Technical specifications:

  • High resolution camera image
  • Optical micrometer
  • Triangulation sensor 
  • Interfaces (ProfiNet, digital I / O)
  • Databases
  • Data fusion of 2D and 3D measurement data


The MV.EYE i2 test system is a flexible rotary cycle tester and lives from the combination of different technologies - imaging, laser triangulation and optical micrometers. What MABRI.VISION offers with this system goes far beyond precise measurement results and speed. In addition, there is multimodality, customer-specific and space-saving solutions, high scalability and the data fusion of 2D and 3D measurement data.  

Testing in the production cycle

An inline-capable complete solution for a comprehensive quality control in your production.


An optimal test result through the combination of different technologies.

High scalability

A comprehensive check in line with production and adapted to your production quantities.

Complete testing of complex injection molded parts

up to

Inspection characteristics

up to

0 μm

up to

0 mpx


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