Adhesive inspection before sealing

Adhesive inspection before sealing

The inline-capable MABRI.VISION inspection system for adhesive inspection before sealing checks your production products, such as packaging, trays and container closures, fully automatically and on the move for defects in adhesive layers. MABRI.VISION relies on the use of high-resolution line scan cameras and special lighting that make the defects visible in the reflection, even when using transparent materials. This enables a reliable presence inspection of the adhesive layer in the process. The MABRI.VISION inspection system can be integrated into your existing production processes


Cycle time-neutral testing

The inspection process takes place inline and in time with your production The MABRI.VISION inspection system is seamlessly integrated into your existing production system.

High throughput

When building vision solutions, MABRI.VISION relies on efficient and industry-compatible processes. This means that you can be offered inspections at top speeds.

Counting & feature recognition

In addition to the inspection of shapes and positional tolerances, the MABRI.VISION inspection system offers you a completeness check by counting.

versatile & flexible

We build inspection systems according to your requirements, whereby we can fall back on a variety of inspection technologies and lighting.