3D surface | Distance | Layer thickness

MV.SENSE. We develop and integrate optical sensors for
precision surface and wall thickness inspections.

3D surface | Distance | Layer thickness

360 ° inline hose inspection

Our 360 ° inline tube inspection records the outside diameter, inside diameter and wall thickness in one measurement, completely contact-free.

Chromatic-confocal sensors

MABRI.VISION uses chromatic-confocal sensors for the surface measurement of various materials. Inspection systems with the latest technology.

Industrial OCT sensors

The industrial OCT sensors MV.SENSE are specially designed for industrial use. Depending on the application, we offer the right sensors.

Inspect optically with the highest precision.

Sensors for industrial applications.

Our MV.SENSE sensors and sensor systems are designed for use under production conditions. Inspection results are made available via digital I / O or Profinet / Ethernet.

Contactless and extremely precise.

Do you want to inspect surfaces and wall thicknesses down to the micrometer? The OCT and chromatic confocal sensors we use are particularly suitable for high-precision inspection processes with large working distances.

We build solutions.

We offer the design, planning and construction of sensor systems, inspection systems and inspection processes - all from a single source. Do you need an individual data evaluation? Talk to our team, we will be happy to help you.

OCT sensors.

The interferometric sensors of the MV.SENSE series are specially designed for industrial use.

Whether surface inspections or layer thickness measurements of translucent materials or volumetric analyzes - the various scan functions result in a wide range of applications, such as in the packaging technology, automotive, pharmaceutical and medical technology industries.

Chromatic-confocal sensors.

Chromatic-confocal sensors can be used flexibly for surface measurements of various materials. They are able to carry out precise distance and thickness measurements on reflective, transparent, semi-transparent, opaque and diffuse materials.

By using chromatic-confocal sensors, MABRI.VISION enables, for example, the inspection of gap dimensions in safety glass or seamless quality control in the packaging industry.

Feasibility studies.

Appropriate technology for your inspection.

Which technology is best suited for your application? In our test laboratory, we can fall back on all common machine vision technologies in order to optimally design cameras, lenses and sensors. Furthermore, we have access to test devices from our partners through cooperations.

Optimal implementation of the inspection process.

According to your specifications, we design the inspection setups so that the production environment is simulated as real as possible. We aim to map a robust and efficient inspection process. Our team is also happy to face complex challenges.

Comprehensive analysis of the possibilities.

A clear definition of limit samples and inspection tasks is crucial for the implementation of the inspection process. Particular attention is paid to the adequate dimensioning of all key components in order to guarantee later performance in everyday industrial life.


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