Chromatic-confocal sensors.

Chromatic-confocal sensors.

Chromatic-confocal sensors can be used flexibly for surface measurements of various materials. They are able to carry out precise distance and thickness measurements on reflective, transparent, semi-transparent, opaque and diffuse materials.

By using chromatic-confocal sensors, MABRI.VISION enables, for example, the inspection of gap dimensions in safety glass or seamless quality control in the packaging industry.

Our chromatic-confocal measuring systems are able to determine distances with high precision and speed. For this purpose, a measuring point is set on each level.

With the MABRI.VISION sensor method, a thickness measurement can also be carried out on multi-layer systems on transparent test objects made of glass, film or plastics.

The use of chromatic confocal sensors offers enormous flexibility with regard to the surfaces to be measured, which can be reflective, diffuse, transparent and opaque.

With a measuring spot diameter from 2 µm and an axial resolution of 20 nm, chromatic-confocal sensors can be used for the high-precision measurement of the smallest structures and components and deliver fast and reliable results.

The sensor systems used are designed for continuous use in an industrial environment. By outsourcing electrical components, the sensors can also be used in a demanding and potentially explosive production environment.

In addition to sensors, MABRI.VISION also offers the construction and integration of test systems. Our powerful software MV.IMAGING complements the line-up of the inspection systems and rounds off the complete solution for your production.

Universally applicable


Whether for use in industry, research or in private households - the inspection of glass products is challenging. MABRI.VISION overcomes this challenge by using chromatic-confocal sensors.


The first glance always falls on the packaging. Guarantee flawless products in the packaging industry through reliable quality inspections with chromatic confocal sensors from MABRI.VISION.

medical technology

A 100% quality control is of fundamental importance in medical technology. Chromatic-confocal sensors enable complete inspections of microstructural components in the medical industry.

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