Inline inspection of electronic modules for e-mobility


Inline testing of electronic modules for e-mobility.

In the field of electromobility, complex components are produced in large numbers and at high speeds. The inspection process of a component with almost 70 inspection features takes up to four minutes with a conventional measuring device.

With the inline-capable MV.EYE i2 inspection system, MABRI.VISION offers an innovative solution for the measurement of electronic modules, which has an average measurement cycle of 3 seconds. Different technologies are combined: imaging, laser triangulation and optical micrometers. The advantages of the MV.EYE i2 inspection system are based on precise measurement results and speed. In addition, there are above all multimodality, customer-specific and space-saving solutions, scalability and the data fusion of 2D and 3D measurement data.


  • Inspection of injection molded parts
  • Inspection of plastic-metal composites


  • Camera inspection
  • Laser triangulation
  • Optical micrometers
  • shape
  • Presence
  • Defects

Industry sectors

  • E-mobility
  • Automotive industry
  • mechanical engineering
Measurement of electronic modules

A high-resolution camera image can detect both the presence and position of features and defects. Bends and wobble circles of pins are determined with high precision. The stable steel construction of the system guarantees long-term use in your quality assurance.

Have your components of different sizes inspected with the MV.EYE i2 inspection system at different stations. A 3D profile measurement using a triangulation sensor generates precise height information and dimensional accuracy. Get 3D measurement data about contact positions.

An optical micrometer records the inspected object telecentrically from different angles and creates a shadow image that enables precise height measurement. The system is equipped with a pneumatic lift door and can be done manually or automatically.

Rotary test systems. , universal, measurement, possible applications, testing, rotary indexer, testing systems,

The MABRI.VISION software offers extended batch management. A recipe database enables you to change products quickly without having to reconfigure the parameters.

The MV.EYE I2 inspection system not only provides precise image processing, but also merges the 2D and 3D measurement data obtained. Benefit from an extensive database of results for your product improvement.

Representation of a screen showing the MABRI.VISION software MV.IMAGING. Specifically, the 2D results of a 2D measurement are shown. , universal, measurement, possible applications, testing, rotary indexer, test systems, robot-guided measurement technology, sensors, test centers, test, components, test part

In order to identify and implement optimization potential in your production, the MABRI.VISION software MV.IMAGING offers you statistics and a variety of different analysis tools. 



Inspection features in tact 200
Repeatability 1 µm
resolutionup to 70 mpx
Measuring systemsup to 5 sensors in one system
Scan mode1-2 and 3D measurements
Field of view240 mm x 150 mm


Software InterfacesKeyence, digital I / O, ProfiNet
Operating system Keyence, Windows optimal
SoftwareMV.IMAGING, Keyence


Supply230 V
Weightfrom 550 kg
Dimensionsfrom 1 mx 1 m
Compressed air6 bar

Universally applicable


Complete and high-precision quality control of injection molded parts in time with production. Smooth integration of the inspection into automated production processes. 


Fast inspections of components with a large number of inpection characteristics. Check the wobble circles of pins, contact heights and the 3D position of contacts in the process cycle.

mechanical engineering

Complete inspecting of plastic-metal composites in the field of machine and plant construction. Benefit from a comprehensive results database and diverse analysis tools.


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