Inspection of suspension springs

Inspection of suspension springs

For the production of springs for cars and commercial vehicles, MABRI.VISION offers an inline-capable inspection system for measuring the height offset within a spring coil as well as the inside diameter of a spring and the angle of the start of the coil. A triangulation sensor is used for this, which measures the profile of the spring and generates a 3D profile map of the spring eye. The inspection system can be integrated into existing production processes and conveyor technology.


Height offset

With our system for the inspection of chassis springs, you are able to check height offsets in time.


Quality features such as the diameter of the springs are recognized and compared in a single test. We guarantee a repeat accuracy of 10 μm.

Number of turns

The position as well as the angle and number of turns are recognized with the inline-capable test system.

3D profile measurement

MABRI.VISION relies on the most modern triangulation sensors to create a 3D profile map of the spring eye. 

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