Robot-guided sensor technology for flexible QC use

With the ROBOT.SPECTOR, MABRI.VISION is revolutionizing quality control in industry. By using robot-guided sensors, MABRI.VISION enables flexible and quick testing of any number of perspectives on a component and thus ensures complete quality control, especially of complex products. This innovative approach combines the precision of classic image processing with the advantages of modern AI-based robotic inspection, enabling even more reliable error detection.

The robot can be equipped with different testing technologies, such as high-resolution cameras, fast code readers or 3D triangulation sensors. In this way, your special testing requirements can be met in the best possible way and even difficult-to-access areas of components can be tested at the same time as the process. The ROBOT.SPECTOR sets new standards in terms of flexibility, speed and accuracy in automated quality testing.


AI-based robot testing: The ROBOT.SPECTOR sets new standards in precision

The ROBOT.SPECTOR combines traditional image processing methods with the innovative potential of AI deep learning. This interaction enables unparalleled testing accuracy, meaning even complex and difficult-to-detect defects can be reliably identified.

All-round view: Complete component testing from every perspective

The system uses the latest image processing technologies to inspect components from all angles and directions. This means that even hard-to-reach and hidden areas that other systems cannot reach are detected.

No detail remains hidden: reliable defect detection and dimensional control

Our ROBOT.SPECTOR sets standards in quality control. It combines precise image processing with advanced analysis technology to reliably detect and classify both the smallest defects and deviations in dimensional accuracy.


Flexible sensor integration

Thanks to the ability to integrate various sensors such as cameras and triangulation, the ROBOT.SPECTOR can be individually tailored to the customer's specific testing requirements.

MICRO.SPECTOR - clean room long shot


Depending on customers' needs, the axes can be made in different sizes, making the system suitable for different production environments.

<p>Depending on customers' needs, the axes can be made in different sizes, making the system suitable for different production environments.</p>

Self-controlled test sequences

Whether you want to optimize existing test recipes or create completely new processes for fresh products - you are in control. This ensures not only maximum efficiency, but also an adaptability to keep up with the demands of your production.

Whether you want to optimize existing test recipes or create completely new processes for fresh products - you are in control. This ensures not only maximum efficiency, but also adaptability that keeps pace with the demands of your production.

HALCON Machine Vision + AI

With our vision software we combine HALCON's leading machine vision technology with artificial intelligence (AI) based image processing. The result? A powerful synergy: fast detection and maximum precision.

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Time saving & fast amortization

Maximize your efficiency with the ROBOT.SPECTOR. Every second counts in production. Our technology accelerates your quality controls and ensures a quick return on your investment.

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Error minimization through automation

Human errors are a thing of the past. Rely on ROBOT.SPECTOR for consistent, automated & error-free quality control.



software modules

Optimize your production processes with our individually adaptable software modules for machine testing and production integration. Achieve maximum efficiency and precision in machine vision.


Cameras & sensors for more precision

Integrate the latest matrix cameras, line scan cameras and 3D profile section sensors into the GANTRY.SPECTOR for the highest image quality and detailed component inspection. Our solutions are designed for maximum flexibility and performance in industrial camera applications.


Industry standard automation

From standard industrial interfaces to tailor-made solutions such as PLC integration, control cabinet construction and clean room technology – our range of automation solutions ensures a seamless production process and maximum reliability.


Robot-guided data matrix code verification

The ROBOT.SPECTOR DMC from MABRI.VISION is a data matrix code verifier designed for the detection, verification and classification of various types of code. This version specializes in data matrix codes. With robot-guided sensors and AI-based image analysis, it enables precise inspection even on complex surfaces and from different angles. This technology provides fast, reliable results for industrial quality assurance, meeting specific customer needs through flexible sensor technology integration. The system represents an efficient solution for quality control and ensures high accuracy in code verification.


The ROBOT.SPECTOR in practical use


Complex mechanical components

The system can inspect complex components from different angles. This capability enables thorough and precise inspection of components, regardless of their complexity. With its versatility and accuracy, the ROBOT.SPECTOR is an essential solution for quality control and inspection in a wide range of industries.


Final inspection of medical devices

The ROBOT.SPECTOR is an extremely valuable resource in the final inspection of medical devices, as it helps to ensure the highest quality and safety. Its advanced inspection capabilities enable thorough testing of medical devices and components to ensure they meet strict quality standards and regulations.


Reading code in hard-to-reach places

The ROBOT.SPECTOR is able to recognize and check codes and markings in hard-to-reach places. Thanks to its precise motion capabilities and advanced image processing technologies, it can identify codes on components and products, even if they are located in hard-to-reach areas. Even on surfaces that are difficult to read (e.g. gray on black), the system offers reliable reading rates.


All around the testing facility

With our machine vision software we can check for dimensional accuracy, defects, anomalies & presence, as well as read barcodes, QR codes, data matrix codes and OCR. We would be happy to coordinate the testing task with you.  

With our machine vision software we can check for dimensional accuracy, defects, anomalies & presence, as well as read barcodes, QR codes, data matrix codes and OCR. We would be happy to coordinate the testing task with you.  

We integrate matrix cameras from 0.3 MP to 50MP as well as line cameras up to 17k. For triangulation sensors, the line width ranges from 8mm to 320mm. Due to the platform nature of ROBOT.SPECTOR, special sensors can also be integrated, such as code readers.  

The ROBOT.SPECTOR is designed in such a way that we can also connect alternative cameras or sensors to the system. It is not possible for the customer to integrate any cameras or sensors. The system has digital I/Os so that other actuators, such as grippers, can also be integrated into the system.

The ROBOT.SPECTOR can be operated as a stand-alone system or integrated into a line. If the system is integrated into your production processes, we will plan the mechanical and electrical interfaces with you. Components can be fed via conveyor technology, goods carriers or another robot. If you are looking for a complete turnkey solution, please contact us. We are happy to support you with planning and implementation.

The ROBOT.SPECTOR can be controlled via Profinet, TCP/IP, digital I/O.

We also offer a variant of the ROBOT.SPECTOR that can be operated in a clean room. In addition to an FFU, we offer automatic lifting doors and cleaning units for the system.

We are limited by the size of the robot used. This results in a maximum test volume of approximately 400 x 400 x 250 mm. If you would like to have a larger component tested, please contact us.

All about software

We are continuously integrating further modules into our platform. Modules such as user management, batch management, automation designer, test procedures, databases or audit trails are already integrated. If you have special requirements, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Movement sequences of the axes can be adapted by the operator using our automation designer after training. We are also working on the fact that test recipes can be adapted independently by our customers.

The ROBOT.SPECTOR is a turnkey testing system that can be operated as a single cell. The system's large working space means that different component sizes can be tested. This makes the system very flexible and does not require any setup. This flexibility makes the ROBOT.SPECTOR ideal for dynamic production planning.

Training & Services

As part of the commissioning process, we offer basic training on the operation and maintenance of the ROBOT.SPECTOR. In order to adapt program processes, we recommend expert training, which we can carry out on-site at your production facility.

We offer modules for calibrating the machine vision system. If desired, a regular repetition of the calibration is specified and documented in the test plan. This ensures that the ROBOT.SPECTOR only carries out tests that are calibrated.

We offer maintenance and service contracts of various levels for the ROBOT.SPECTOR. We would be happy to coordinate a suitable offer with you.

In case of technical problems or software problems, our customer service is at your disposal. Depending on the service contract, we offer different response times and availability periods.

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