Robot pick-and-place for electronic components

Robot pick-and-place for electronic components

Transport media such as boxes, lattice boxes or trays are often placed in front of robots in order to equip them or to remove components. It depends on the exact positioning of the inspected part. MABRI.VISION offers camera-based tracking of your medium. There are no limits to the scaling of the part to be inspected due to the use of several cameras. Robot, camera and world coordinates are compared with each other so that a precise position of the medium in space can be transmitted. With this solution, additional features such as counting, defect checks or position checks of the components can be implemented.



Precise positioning of sensitive components in trays, mesh boxes or other transport media. From small electronic parts to large, complex components.  

Tray positioning

By using several cameras and real-time comparison of all available movement data, precise positioning of the parts and the transport media is ensured at all times.

Live counting & tracking

In addition, the systems can be expanded to include features such as counting or traceability, for example by integrating a 2D code reader.

Defect & position check

A defect and position inspection is possible through optional sensor extensions. 2D and 3D sensors can be used to test complex test objects.

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