Icon representing an industrial robot.

Robot-guided sensors.

Robot-guided measurement technology.

By using robot-guided sensors, MABRI.VISION enables flexible and quick inspections of multiple perspectives on a component and thus guarantees seamless quality control.

The robot can be equipped with different inspection technologies, such as high-resolution cameras or triangulation sensors. In this way, your special inspection requirements can be met in the best possible way and even areas of components that are difficult to access can be inspected in the process cycle.

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Multi-inspection points.

The robotics enables an uncomplicated inspection of the components from different perspectives. The technology is used that captures your inspection features as best as possible. 

Any orientations.

Check your components or products regardless of their position: thanks to robot-guided sensors, all inspection features can be recorded despite inspections in the production cycle. 


Collaborative workplaces.

Robot-guided sensors: robot gripper arm integrated in the testing system

Whether for sorting or handling the inspection part: fully automatic removal of parts by a gripper arm offers considerable cost and time savings in production and inspection processes.

Dimensional accuracy.

Uncompromising inspections of dimensional accuracy from different angles. Optimize your production with a 100% inspection of components and products.

Defect inspection.

Representation of a screen which shows the MABRI.VISION software MV.IMAGING. Specifically, the 2D results of a 2D measurement are shown.

Reliable and quick detection of defects and soiling. By using gripper arms, damaged components can be sorted out immediately.


3D inspection.

Representation of a screen which shows the MABRI.VISION software MV.IMAGING. Specifically, the 3D results of a 3D measurement are shown.

Your inspection requirements form our benchmark. At your request, we can combine robot-guided sensors with the latest technologies for 3D inspections.

Universally applicable

metal processing

Do not make any compromises when it comes to quality control and remain flexible even with components that are difficult to access.

plastics technology

From the inspection to the identification and sorting of parts: make your production more efficient with robotics.

automotive industry

Flexibility and collaboration form the basis for production, inspections and assembly in the automotive sector.

Electrical engineering

Presence, position tolerances, wobble circles - the inspections in the field of electrical engineering are diverse and can be implemented using robotics.


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