Print image inspection

Print image inspection

In addition to checking shape and position tolerances and detecting surface defects and soiling on complex injection molded parts, MABRI.VISION offers a complete solution for checking the printed image on the same. In this context, features of both the pressure and the application can be checked. You benefit from fast test cycles in the production cycle, an integrated system with an interface for visualizing the tests and interfaces such as digital I / O and ProfiNet.


Tolerances of shape and position

The MABRI.VISION inspection system enables a reliable inspection of the shape and height and also provides information on positional tolerances.

Defect detection

Detect defects on the injection-molded component as well as on the print image in the cycle of production. The application of the print image is also inspected.


The MABRI.VISION inspection system carries out a complete inspection of your injection molded products and checks, among other things, the completeness of the print image.


The inline-capable vision system not only detects contamination on the injection-molded part, but also discoloration on the print image, for example.

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