Optical quality control in medical technology production

Optical quality control in medical technology production

The MABRI.VISION inspection platform for optical quality control in medical technology production offers seamless optical recording and evaluation of your products in the production process. Through the use of high-performance optics, shapes, tolerances and defects are reliably detected. In addition, the MABRI.VISION software MV.IMAGING supports you in the documentation, qualification and validation of your processes required in medical technology production. Various software tools such as AuditTrail and databases are made available to you for this purpose.

Shape inspection.

The MABRI.VISION platform inspects the shape, position and height of your products while the process is running and provides you with all relevant data for subsequent process steps.

Presence inspection.

The most advanced camera technology is used to inspect presences. The inspection is based on a recipe and enables the production of clean and complete batches.

Defect inspection.

Benefit from reliable detection of surface defects such as scratches, quirks and dents. Through the use of 3D measuring technology, 3D shape deviations can also be detected.


The MABRI.VISION platform for the 3D inspection of surfaces masters all common industrial interfaces, such as ProfiNet and EtherNet. If necessary, the system can be expanded to include customer-specific interfaces such as the open interface standard OPC UA.

Clean room technology.

A cleanroom-compatible housing with high-performance FFU fan filter unit and an optional stainless steel construction with HEPA filter (cleanroom ISO class 5) meet the high requirements of medical technology. Retrofitting a ULPA filter is possible.

With the software MV.IMAGING, MABRI.VISION offers a variety of modules that support you in qualification and validation. You benefit from recipe databases, database backups, user management, change log and audit trail.



Megapixels0,5; 1; 2; 5; 7; 20
lightingRing, rod, background, coax
resolutionup to 5104 x 4092 pixels
applicationSemi-finished products, assembly, packaging
InspectionsForm, presence, defects


Software InterfacesProfiNet, EtherNet
DisplayExamination visualization, statistics
Functions and modulesRecipes, databases, user management


Dimensions (W x D x H)depend. of implementation
Temperature range10 ° C - 40 ° C
Rated capacitydepend. of implementation

Universally applicable

Semi-finished product manufacture

In medical technology production, guarantee flawless products as early as the production of primary materials and semi-finished products.


Check the composition of different components in the process and sort out defective products.


Check packaging in medical technology production for shape defects and presence and check imprints, QR codes and barcodes.


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