OEM OCT platform for ophthalmology.

OEM OCT platform for ophthalmology.

Optical coherence tomography or OCT is a medical diagnostic procedure that is primarily used in ophthalmology. For example, it enables a reliable diagnosis of cataracts and glaucoma in the early stages and before symptoms appear. The analysis of the fundus is carried out contact-free with near-infrared light. In cooperation with partners, MABRI.VISION develops and optimizes OEM-OCT systems that are used in medical diagnostic devices. We offer support in the most varied of development phases, from conceptual design to the implementation and optimization of image processing modules.  

High speed.

By using the latest generation of cameras, scan speeds of up to 240,000 Hz can be achieved. A constant performance is achieved through fast GPU-based signal processing.

SDK for easy integration.

Thanks to the software development kit, the MABRI.VISION OEM-OCT modules can be seamlessly integrated into your diagnostic devices. We provide you with all the necessary software interfaces for this.


Are you planning a particularly cost-efficient OCT system? MABRI.VISION is at your side as a competent partner for customer-specific OCT solutions. The development of tailor-made applications is one of the core competencies of our development team.  

Design of optical systems.

We use simulation software such as Zemax for planning, designing and optimizing the optical systems even in the early development phases. In addition to particularly efficient spectrometers, we can design optimized custom optics in this way.

System design.

Reliable machine vision solutions require a suitable system design. Our vision experts work closely with you to develop a concept for implementing the diagnostic process. From technology to implementation.

Image processing.

In addition to the generation of tomographic cross-sectional images, the MABRI.VISION software platform MV.IMAGING offers various modules for direct data and image processing of the OCT signals.


cataract diagnostics

In diseases such as cataracts, a noticeable impairment of vision usually only occurs in the later course of the disease. OCT sensors can detect changes in the retina in the early stages.

diagnostics green star

OCT technology enables serious eye diseases such as glaucoma to be detected before visual disturbances occur. Early detection can slow down the progression of glaucoma.  

macular degeneration

By using OCT diagnostics, changes in the macular layers can be registered and analyzed in preventive examinations. Timely detection can prevent blindness.  

retina imaging

Imaging of the retina plays a crucial role in both diagnostics and therapy management. Conclusions can also be drawn about systematic diseases using retina imaging.

Corneal imaging

A high-precision measurement of the corneal geometry can be carried out by imaging the cornea. This is used to diagnose changes as well as to plan interventions and postoperative follow-up care.  

lens imaging

The examination of the anterior eye area is carried out contactless, non-invasive and without any safety risk thanks to OCT diagnostics. High-resolution images are generated which enable precise diagnoses at an early stage.  


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