High-speed inspection of microlenses

High-speed inspection of microlenses

With the MICRO.SPECTOR MI1 inspection system, MABRI.VISION offers a vision solution for the automated inspection of micro lenses. During production, even minor changes in the starting material or process parameters can cause defects in the lenses. These shape deviations, imperfections, particles or closures are reliably detected using a parallelized image processing algorithm. The component surface is scanned with a high-speed camera system with a resolution of 0.75 μm. Cycle times of less than 20s (depending on the component size) can be achieved thanks to fast processing.


High Resolution

With a resolution of 0.75 μm, cycle times of less than 20 s can be achieved, depending on the component size.

Suitable for clean rooms

Through the exclusive use of cleanroom-suitable components, the system can be used directly as an end-of-line test in the cleanroom.

Auto z tracking

An automatic Z-tracking ensures reliable testing of complex parts. By using recipe databases, the system can also be used flexibly for different items.

Extremely bright

The extreme light intensity of the high-speed camera provides repeatable and reliable recordings of a wide variety of test objects and can be adapted as required.

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