Optical weld seam inspection

Optical weld seam inspection

The inspection of laser and weld seams in metal processing is often a challenge due to ambiguous reflection behavior and the multitude of different surface structures and colors Deviations in position are suitable. You benefit from a precise weld seam inspection as well as the detection of defects and interruptions, regardless of the processed material and its reflective properties.


Commercial delivery

Robot connection

In the MABRI.VISION system, innovative measurement technology is combined with a robot connection, whereby a pick & place process can be integrated into your production.

Inline capable

The inline-capable inspection system can be integrated into your existing production line. The inspection takes place in the production cycle and is adapted to your process requirements.

Defect detection

A MABRI.VISION inspection system offers precise detection of defects in addition to checking the position and presence. The data can then be exported and evaluated.

Detection of interruptions

Benefit from a precise weld seam inspection, in which, for example, interruptions are recognized.

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