High-speed microscope for your production


Check the smallest components and structures in the process cycle? With our high-speed microscope MICRO.SPECTOR we automate the inspection of microstructured components. The MICRO.SPECTOR detects the smallest defects and shape deviations - defective components are thus reliably sorted out. The MICRO.SPECTOR can be operated as a stand-alone solution or as a fully automated in-process test system.


of microstructured components

Our MICRO.SPECTOR enables fully automated testing of microstructured components and products for defects, shape deviations and dimensional accuracy.
Bad parts are automatically recognized and can thus be ejected from the production process. The MICRO.SPECTOR has a modular structure and can be used as a stand-alone system or as a fully automated solution in production.
With barcode tracking, FFU, lifting door, auto-loading, cleaning and many other modules, we can adapt the system exactly to your needs. Depending on the configuration, we work with pixel resolutions from 0.48 µm. Cycle times in the production cycle are achieved through fast data acquisition and processing. With our MICRO.SPECTOR, you can inspect larger quantities reliably and quickly - simply impossible by hand.


the most important facts at a glance:

High Resolution

our standard configurations are 0.48µm, 0.75µm and 3.5µm pixel resolution


in our standard configuration we scan up to 300 x 300 mm²


our high-speed variant works with a multi-line camera with 17,824 pixels and up to 142kHz

Clean room solutions

whether stand-alone or process-integrated - we offer FFUs, lifting doors, code readers or cleaning systems


our modules: automated test recipes, automated loading and automated feeding

end to end

from the test design on the first samples to full automation - we offer turnkey solutions


as you need it

Stand alone system

our stand-alone systems offer maximum flexibility

Production QC laboratory

our automated solution for QC labs in periodic testing

Production 100% testing

we offer solutions for automated testing of larger quantities


smart solutions

QC solutions

Our MICRO.SPECTOR is designed for direct integration into your production chain. From barcode tracking, change log, audit trail and user management to direct connection to your control level, we offer all the tools you need to make your QC more efficient and reliable.

Check microscopically & keep track

Our MICRO.SPECTOR systems are equipped with high-resolution vision systems to find microscopic defects and check dimensional accuracy. The system recognizes bad parts using fully automated test recipes based on your tolerances and threshold values ​​and can eject them directly. We have designed our software in such a way that the essential KPIs and information are directly visible. This means you always have an overview of the performance of your production.

detect defects

The MICRO.SPECTOR specializes in processing large amounts of data. We have designed our software in such a way that even with higher resolutions, where more than 40,000,000,000 pixels can quickly occur, our systems do not collapse. Depending on the application, we rely on classic image processing or machine learning for defect detection. For time-critical applications, we rely on highly efficient algorithms to carry out the QC in the production cycle.  


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MABRI.VISION injection molding micro molding lab on a chip


QC of lab-on-a-chip systems or microfluidic chips

MABRI.VISION Microstructures


QC of microstructures on wafers, electroforms, metal surfaces

MABRI.VISION laser microstructuring

Laser micromachining

QC of microstructured components, holes, edges, shapes

MABRI.VISION micro 3D scan_qu

Micro Injection Molding

QC of smallest injection molded parts and structures


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Blisters, scratches, cracks, seals, skins, particles, spikes, dust,..

MABRI.VISION dimensional accuracy_

Dimensional accuracy

Channel widths, form fidelity, roundness, continuity, distances,..

IBGT module_pin exam


Missing or incomplete structures, incorrect placement


That depends entirely on your application. Often the optimal balance between resolution and speed has to be found. With some solutions, we test entire components within a few seconds, with other high-precision applications in the laboratory, the test times can be significantly longer.

The MICRO.SPECTOR is based on machine vision systems consisting of matrix and line scan cameras. Our focus is therefore on 2D tests. If you want to carry out 3D tests, please contact us. We also offer solutions with chromatic confocal line sensors or profile section systems.

Yes, in addition to the testing system, we also build automation solutions for equipping the system and for transporting the components. The systems are designed in such a way that they can be operated in parallel. This allows any scaling.

We are working to create a platform where our customers can implement almost any exam. The systems are currently designed in such a way that the tests are carried out by our experts and extensively tested for functionality. So we can guarantee the performance of the QC.

Automate your QC with us!

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