Vision services

Innovative solutions - our passion. MABRI.VISION develops and builds machine vision solutions and test systems for your production processes.

Our vision know-how.


We are focused on your requirements. Based on your data, our experts develop a concept for implementing the inspection process. For this we use a wide repertoire of the most modern technologies.

Integration & Service

We support you with the installation and programming of your vision inspection process. Our in-house programming department ensures that your commissioning runs smoothly.


Which technology is best suited for your inspection process and how can it be implemented in the best possible way? We rely on freely available as well as special solutions to enable the required inspection.


Our experts advise you quickly and competently. Following the design, the corresponding optical components are put together, tested and coordinated with one another.

Our technologies.

Point sensor and scanning

Line and matrix cameras

TDI high-speed microscopy

3D triangulation sensor

3D structured light

AI and neural networks

Optics design & simulation

Our platforms.


We use the machine vision platforms CV-X and XG-X for a wide range of applications. We would be happy to support you with the design, programming and commissioning of a Keyence machine vision system.


HALCON and MERLIC from MVTec offer maximum flexibility in the design and implementation of vision projects. Do you have any questions about HALCON or do you need support with the implementation of your test? Contact us!


TensorFlow, a modern open source framework, is the first choice for many machine learning applications. We would be happy to advise and support you in planning and designing a deep learning exam.


CUDA from NVIDIA is a development platform for parallel data processing. By integrating the GPU into the processing, we achieve extreme speeds and can also evaluate large amounts of data quickly.

Integration & Service.

Do you need support when commissioning your machine vision system? Our experts support you with the installation and programming of your vision inspection process.

We offer services on various vision platforms. Including Keyence CV-X / XG-X and Halcon.

Our fields of application.

Daily operations

Multi-day assignments


Travel costs and expenses will be billed according to expenditure.

Operation area.

We are active for you throughout Germany. On request, we also offer integration services for your international locations.

Feasibility studies.

Appropriate technology for your inspection process.

Which technology is best suited for your inspection? In our test laboratory, we apply all common machine vision technologies in order to optimally design cameras, lenses and sensors. We also have access to inspection devices from our partners through cooperations.

Optimal implementation of the inspection process.

According to your specifications, we design the inspection setups in order that production environments are simulated as realistically as possible. We aim to map the most robust and efficient inspection process possible. Our team is also happy to face complex challenges.

Comprehensive analysis of the possibilities.

A clear definition of samples and tasks is crucial for the implementation of the inspection process. We make sure that the dimensions are sufficient to ensure a well performing inspection process.

Advice and interpretation.

The decisive factors for a reliable machine vision solution are an optimal design and the selection of the appropriate measuring method. The relevant features can only be reliably identified with correctly dimensioned components.

Benefit from our know-how in planning and designing vision inspection processes.



Do you need more information about a specific product or application? Use the MABRI.VISION contact form below or call us.