2D inspection of packaging

2D inspection of packaging

The quality assurance requirements of food production are diverse. The inspection methods not only have to withstand the high production rate and the strict requirements of the food industry, which are usually high in the industry, but also have to be particularly robust against a large number of surface structures, colors and shapes. The inline-capable inspection system checks continuously for reliable detection of shapes, core misalignments and structures. The use of profile lasers means that the inspection is absolutely contact-free. A count of the inspected items is possible. By precisely recording all the units produced, you can keep track of things and identify potential for optimization.


Commercial delivery

Inspection of packaging errors

The MABRI.VISION inspection system enables you to carry out an inline-capable 2D inspection of packaging, whereby features and defects are reliably detected in the production cycle.

Inspection on the move

Your production products are inspected on the move. The MABRI.VISION inspection system is integrated into your existing production line.

Shape, volume & position

MABRI.VISION builds inspection systems that are suitable for a variety of inspection steps through the use of different technologies. This not only determines presence and location, but also recognizes shapes and defects.

Feature recognition & counting

Optimize your production through consistent feature recognition and counting. The results are saved and can be imported and analyzed.

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